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About Us

Our History
Sharif Financial and Investment Management Group, the first center for professional training in the field of finance and investment, was founded in 2004. The main goal of the group is providing applied training and promotional services for financial Institutions, Organizations and Public and Private Companies in Iran.
Running several professional conferences such as “Development of Financing Systems in Iran”, “Municipal Financing”, “Islamic Finance”, “Financing of Infrastructure Projects” and running more than 120 workshops per year have been major activities of the Group.
Vision and Mission
Finance and Investment Group of Center for technology studies of Sharif university of Technology perspective: OR simply (our perspective)
Possessing a national and regional brands in providing specialized training and consulting and carrying out value creating and applied research in the field of financial services and investment.
Furthermore providing Scientific support for financial activities and investments in governmental and non-governmental organizations and Industrial and non-industrial firms and financial intermediaries and institutions and national and regional decision-makers and decision-maker.
Our Goals:
• Defining the community needs and attempting to solve problems (Problem Solving) in the form of policy recommendations
• Close interaction with the executive agencies and finding out organizations, firms and industries basic and main needs.
• Putting all our Efforts to promote and disseminate knowledge in the field of financial services and investment.
• Support and work towards the formation of research centers, centers of thought and financial institutions to develop the country’s financial system.
• Providing operational solutions to meet the needs of managers, experts and decision-makers in the field of financial management and investment.
• Cooperation with international organizations to develop the country’s financial system.
• Planning and efforts to meet the country’s financial firms and organizations by.
Services and activities
Our group activities and services are divided into four general categories which are education, research, advocacy and consulting. The most important of them are as follows:
• Providing specialized training for finance and investment professionals, managers and decision makers in the form of public and private training.
• Compiling reports, books and financial analysis to present to the market.
• Carrying out value creating research and applied research in the field of financial services and investment for various financial and non-financial institutions.
• Propagating research and scientific findings of experts and researchers in the field of financial services and investment through national and international conferences, and seminars
• Planning and developing organization’s operational program management, especially in urban area
• Accompany and assist financial intermediaries, private companies and governmental units, organizations, decision-making and decision-makers organization and so on, in order To develop their professional services
• Cooperation in the establishment of specialized companies in the field of financial services and investment
• Cooperation in the establishment of effective institutions In order to develop the country’s financial system, such as joint investment funds, venture capital funds, real estate and land funds and so on.
• Providing Scientific and technical guidelines for the design of new financial instruments
• Developing a database of domestic and foreign investors and interacting with them in order to attract their investment for country’s projects.
• Providing expert advice for legals and individual in In the field of financial services and investment.
• Providing investment packages depend on domestic and international Organizations, institutions and enterprises.

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